better returns. more revenue.

returns management solution
Intelligent, consumer-oriented returns management through a highly scalable solution. Enables you to automate your operational processes and increase its efficiency.
data-driven decisions
Stay on top of the returns process. Apply your business logic in combination with the generated process data to create a personalized returns experience your customers will love.
self-service portals
Easy-to-use self-service portals significantly reducing the involvement of your customer service team and empowering it with insights into the current process.
customer journey
Streamline the customer journey by offering a transparent, easy and straightforward returns process. Accompany your customer from the purchase via the return to a potential new purchase.

Your Benefits

decrease return risk
Reduce the risk of returns by up to 15% by offering a customer-centric process and eliminating the pre-printed return label.
increase revenue
Meet customer expectations and maintain direct customer contact in the returns process to generate new sales.
customer loyalty
Turn every customer into a returning customer, avoid losing to a competitor and cut your marketing budget.
lower carbon footprint
Reduce the amount of CO² through optimized digital processes. Less returns mean less kilometers driven.
Open up the black box and make the whole returns process comprehensible, easy to access and trackable.
control the process
Manage return policies and their compliance. Create custom policies for different customer groups, sales channels and countries.
competitive advantage
Offer your existing customers the best after-sales service in the industry. Stand out from the crowd and attract new customers.
fast & easy implementation
Modern, flexible API and standard interfaces to third-party software will make implementation easier than ever.
optimized logistics
Be prepared to respond highly flexibly to the requirements of your customers in returns logistics.

Let us show you how smart returns management can accelerate your business.

About Us

Founded in 2019, the cornerstone for a smart and easy returns solution was already laid in 2015. Equipped with more than 15 years of experience in logistics and e-commerce, our aim is to create more convenience and transparency of the returns process through our highly modern and flexible technology to ultimately achieve better returns, more revenue.

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Artjom Bruch
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