We are the platform to solve your return problems.

Trusted Returns is the ecosystem that uses technical and commercial interfaces to holistically summarize all process-related and operational aspects of dealing with returns from the perspective of consumers, retailers, carriers and service providers.

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What's the point? Why our platform matters to you

Returns Management
Intelligent, consumer-oriented returns management through a highly scalable solution.
Data-Driven Decisions
Apply your business logic in combination with the generated process data to create a personalized returns experience your customers will love.
Easy-to-use and significantly reducing the involvement of your customer service team and empowering it with insights into the current process.
Customer Experience
Streamline the customer journey by offering a transparent, easy and straightforward returns process.
Smart Return Options

Smart Return Options

  • Reduce your process costs by providing the right solution for your customer's problem
  • Add your own logistics contracts or add contracts from Trusted Returns Store
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Payment support
  • Optimized logistics for every item and customer
Self-Service for your Customers

Self-Service for your Customers

  • Cover the entire return process
  • Support your customer in his native language
  • Fully brandable and mobile first approach
  • Powerful API available
Workflows & Compliancy

Workflows & Compliancy

  • Automate the process
  • Create a customer centric process flow
  • Apply your own business logic
  • Enrich your decision logics by data, generated in the process
  • Ensure returns compliance and help your customer and employees
Active Communication

Active Communication

  • Fully brandable frontends & communication to keep your brand's identity intact
  • Supporting various communication channels
Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

  • Detailed insights into the entire returns process and your business
  • Data and Reports down to item level
  • Learn and understand your customer
  • Identify items, categories and customers that put your profits at risk
  • Data aggregation in real-time
  • Powerful BI functionality available

Benefits Professional Returns Management with Trusted Returns results in more advantages than you think

decrease return risk
Reduce the risk of returns by up to 15% by offering a customer-centric process and eliminating the pre-printed return label.
increase revenue
Meet customer expectations and maintain direct customer contact in the returns process to generate new sales.
Customer Loyalty
Turn every customer into a returning customer, avoid losing to a competitor and cut your marketing budget.
lower carbon footprint
Reduce the amount of CO² through optimized digital processes. Less returns mean less kilometers driven.
Open up the black box and make the whole returns process comprehensible, easy to access and trackable.
control the process
Manage return policies and their compliance. Create custom policies for different customer groups, sales channels and countries.
competitive advantage
Offer your existing customers the best after-sales service in the industry. Stand out from the crowd and attract new customers.
fast & easy implementation
Modern, flexible API and standard interfaces to third-party software will make implementation easier than ever.
optimized logistics
Be prepared to respond highly flexibly to the requirements of your customers in returns logistics.

Standards Our common features

hosted in Germany
Your data is safe by the highest data protection standards. No compromises.
flexibe GraphQL API
automate your data flow and integrate with your internal systems
accessible from everywhere
intuitive UI with
best UX in mind
We build our platform to make every complex step in your process as simple as possible. Our goal is to build a bridge between business and design to ensure an excellent user experience. For both, your customers and employees.
responsive design by nature
No matter what device your customers or employees use - we make sure that they enjoy a great experience!
Fully brandable
Integrate our solution seemingless in your environment. We won’t interfere your corporate identity.
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